The eyebrow tattoo in Sydney has been around for many years now, but the process and technique have changed considerably since it was first introduced. Gone are the days when an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney was comprised of simple lines drawn on with a marker or pencil–in fact, a typical eyebrow tattoo Sydney procedure today is so natural-looking that you can’t see where they start and end from just looking at them.

The beauty industry has seen a range of updates and upgrades in recent years pertaining to what is possible. From breakthrough laser treatments to comprehensive and naturalistic eyebrow tattoo Sydney studios offering the least amount of discomfort for maximal effect.

It’s not only the eyebrow tattoo scene that has seen a rise in popularity, UV light treatments, essential oil skin peels, even permanent make-up has seen a substantial rise in the last few years.

What To Expect With An Eyebrow Tattoo in Sydney

A consultation is necessary before any procedure takes place. You’ll want to make sure this is something you really want to do, as there will be no going back after the ink has gone in. This is where some research comes into play to find the best eyebrow tattoo Sydney artist you can, and have a very in-depth and good discussion prior to the procedure.

The process is relatively simple, however it can be painful. The artist will use a very fine needle to inject the pigment into your skin which mimics hairs in order for them to look like they are growing out of your brows.

Since you’ll need some time off work afterwards – usually around two weeks depending on how quickly you heal and how well you take care of yourself after having the procedure done – there’s no point rushing into this if it isn’t something that is 100% right for you. An eyebrow tattoos in Sydney do last between one and five years so make sure its worth it.

Benefits Of An Eyebrow Tattoo in Sydney

Firstly, most are semi-permanent which means you won’t need to keep getting them touched up every few months like with microblading or tinting, which are two of the more common competitors.

There’s lesser risk of infection since it’s an actual medical procedure rather than just an aesthetic one. Other procedures such as threading, plucking out individual hairs and dyeing can cause irritation if done incorrectly or too harshly.

Another benefit is that an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney is faster than other treatments. Other procedures like microblading can take over an hour while a typical eyebrow tattoo in Sydney only take around half an hour as they are done using a machine and not by hand.

They also require less recovery time meaning you don’t need rest after your appointment; unlike with some of the more popular alternatives where patients have been known to experience pain for up to two days post treatment and may be recommended rest at home in order for their face to heal completely before returning back into public life.

Some Things To Watch Out For

There’s no such thing as a perfect procedure so, ensuring you have the correct coverage and health insurance is always a bonus. Taking the time to research your specialist is also a smart idea as this should ensure you get the best results possible.

Ensure that your specialist has been professionally trained in cosmetic procedures and has experience working with the face before attempting any treatments of this kind on yourself. Make sure they have all of their qualifications displayed prominently within their practice too – it’s always a good sign if they do.