Sole contractors have to rely on their commercial infrastructure to remain viable. Without this logistical support, they are unable to perform their task, leaving their business in a vulnerable state.

For many operators, they will decide to purchase or rent scaffolding to allow them to perform their duty safely and securely. With increased competition and greater access for participants in 2021, professionals should take note of the top suppliers in this market and understand the benefits of utilising these collections for their project needs.

Versatile Productions

Scaffolding comes in all manner of sizes and designs to help out sole contractors for their unique requirements. From the single and double units to the trestle, steel, suspended and cantilever varieties, participants are able to purchase and rent collections that suits the environment and job profile. Given the range of demands that are placed on operators in 2021, it pays to have a versatile piece of infrastructure that can be customised.

Lightweight Material Designs

The aluminum scaffolding creations offer sole contractors the opportunity to carry and maneuver these constructions with little trouble in 2021. Unlike the heavy utilities that require a great amount of labor-power to build, these goods can be operated by any man or woman without overextending themselves physically or investing in other infrastructure.

Easy to Compact & Transport


That lightweight profile for a scaffolding investment is not just beneficial for the sake of the sole contractor moving the item physically, but it makes for a great asset when erecting, dismantling and transporting the product from point A to point B in their vehicle. Builders, carpenters, electricians, painters and window fitters will love to utilise these systems because they can venture throughout the city, the suburbs and rural regions with ease, not being bogged down by logistical struggles.

Safety Features Included

Sole contractors looking to get the most out of their scaffold investment should be given the chance to acquire a brand that is accompanied by the right type of safety features. Given the risks to health and safety in these settings, it pays to have outlets that include harness connection points, debris nets, solid ramps, guardrails, protective canopies and toeboards amongst other components. This will reduce the incidents of falls that have been known to occur on worksites across the country.

Expert Assistance Available

As independent and skilled as sole contractors happen to be, many will know their limitations when it comes to utilising certain types of scaffolding for their job needs. In 2021, there will be major retail chains and independent store operators who will be able to pass on their advice, matching a system that meets the job profile of the individual. There will also be some online tutorials and video sessions for those who struggle to connect with representatives in store.

Affordable Brands

Fortunately, the industry that manufactures and develops scaffolding has opened up new opportunities for domestic clients when it comes to managing their budget. Especially with the small lightweight units for modest tasks, they can be purchased at a reduced rate or rented for a short-term period to allow operators to alleviate the immediate financial pressure.

Warranty Coverage

One of the key advantages for investing in these materials in 2021 is the inclusion of warranty policies for sole contractors. This will help to provide coverage for repairs, replacements and maintenance of the system. It will also open up opportunities for first-class customer service that takes the client straight to the front of the cue.


Sole contractors need to look out for themselves in 2021 and the investment in top scaffolding designs is the first step in that direction. With their health and safety at the forefront, operators will realise how valuable these assets happen to be for their work.