Speech therapy isn’t something that most people need, however, for the people that do need it, it can be particularly hard to get. NDIS in Australia is here to get those that have a disability to get the funding that they need to achieve the goals that they have in life and get them on track to lead a healthy and happy life. NDIS speech therapy is a great way to get the speech therapy that you need to be a functioning member of society, and get a job in a field that you want. Here are the steps that you need to take to get NDIS speech therapy, and a small bit of the process that goes on behind the scenes to get you the funding that you need for speech therapy.

Apply for Participation

To get NDIS speech therapy, you first need to apply for participation. This process is relatively simple, all you need to do is fill out the access request form and have documentation of the disability. A guardian will also be able to fill out this form if the person with the disability is unable to fill out the form on their own. The NDIS may ask for proof of these things, so make sure that you have the doctor’s notes ready to hand over to them so that they may analyse whether or not you qualify for funding.

Once the NDIS has accepted and approved the application, then it is time to move on to planning and figuring out what kind of therapy you need. Everybody is different and has different needs, so everyone gets a different amount depending on what their plan requires. Funding is also figured out during the planning process. Funding can either be handled by the person receiving the therapy, the guardian, or by the NDIS themselves to make sure that the funds are handled properly.

What Does NDIS Speech Therapy Include?

Woman undertaking NDIS speech therapy

When you apply for NDIS speech therapy, you might not know exactly what goes on or what you will be learning during the therapy. When humans communicate with each other, there are a lot of things that go on, both verbally and non-verbally. During speech therapy, you will learn about all of these things and be able to grow and communicate in a more acceptable manner. NDIS speech therapy will give you a speech therapy assessment, speech development, improvement on communication, and if you need special aids for communication, they will provide these and teach you how to use them.

The speech therapy assessment will go over all the things that you will need to work on. For some people, it is articulating their words and learning how to pronounce certain sounds, and for others, it can go over how they talk with their emotions, whether through tone or body language.

Speech development will go over how they use the person speaks and uses the language tools that they have. Whether it is teaching them how to properly move their mouth when they are talking or how to form correct sentences and thoughts.

If the person needs aids for communication, then they will teach the person how to use these aids, such as picture books or flash cards. These cases are rarer than others, but they are necessary and can be a great help to those receiving NDIS speech therapy.

Finally, they will go over how to improve their language and non-verbal communication. A lot of communication is verbal, but non-verbal communication is just as big if a bigger part of communication, and learning how to use non-verbal actions and tones will go a long way in life.