A house call doctor makes visits to ill or injured patients in their homes, the practice was commonplace almost a century ago. 

Thanks to the time and cost of travel;  some patients were unable to travel vast distances. As a result, doctors began the practice of making house calls.

However, after WWII, there was a decrease in physician home visits. 

The practice had plummeted to 10% by the 1950s. By 1996, only 0.5 per cent of house call doctor in Brisbane visits were made in the home.

The greatest reason for this transition lay solely in the time commitment of house calls. Instead of treating sick patients, travelling doctors wasted time getting to and from appointments.

Why The Sudden Resurgence?

Surprisingly, a new generation in healthcare is developing a new interest in the services offered by a house call doctor in Brisbane

The practice has been demonstrated to be extremely beneficial to medical practice in studies. They provide personal satisfaction to clinicians while also enhancing patient satisfaction.

Here are some additional reasons why home calls are resurfacing:

  • Growing demand; thanks to the presence of a rapidly ageing population 
  • Technological developments in mobile devices; make connecting the house call doctor in Brisbane to those in need easier than ever before.
  • A more favourable reimbursement.

As it is known, home-based primary care is regaining popularity like an old model having a modern-day twist. Fortunately, the timing is ideal.

What Needs Are Driving The Resurgence Of The House Call Doctor?

There is now an increase in the need for in-home medical services. Thanks to the skyrocketing rate at which the general population is ageing.

Over half of this population has mobility issues. The number of people who are confined to their homes in the United States is rapidly increasing. 

It is expected to double in the next 20 years, according to experts.

Caregivers also, who frequently lack the time to see a doctor for their health concerns, rely on a house call doctor in Brisbane as they easily remain their most viable option.

Also, the practice is valuable to today’s patients for the following reasons;

  • They provide a deeper understanding of medical issues
  • Are more cost-effective
  • Offer greater patient experience as a result of improved care quality
  • Provide a personal touch with visits.

Another factor aiding the resurgence of house call doctors today is the advances in today’s technology. 

A house call doctor in Brisbane can now perform several diagnostic tests at home, thanks to recent improvements. These are some of them:

  • Blood Tests
  • Mobile Ultrasound Machines
  • Electrocardiograms
  • Mobile X-Ray Machines

Physicians now have additional tools at their disposal to assist them in making quick and accurate diagnoses from home.

Another advantage of technology is that doctors can access medical records from any location. They can establish mobile workplaces using secure mobile apps and programs.

In seconds, providers can fax, scan, and retrieve documents. House calls are now much more convenient than they ever were in the past.

Modern services combine high-quality healthcare with innovative concepts. These are the innovations that will shape the future of healthcare. The rise of the house call doctor in Brisbane will also play a key role in these changes.