The workplace has evolved time and time again, even more so in recent years with the increased focus on healthcare and wellbeing amongst workers and the workplace. More adaptive and forward-thinking enterprises have adopted the notion of corporate flu shots as a necessity for maintaining employee morale and the general wellbeing of the office as a whole.

This practice has been touted as a wonderfully effective method of building company images and maintaining a solid dynamic for workers and employers alike. Corporate flu shots also have the utility of making lives easier for the general population and can actually have proven benefits for the bottom line of any company that adopts it.

These are the four principal arguments for corporate flu shots in the modern workplace.

1.   Maintaining Employee Morale

One of the better arguments put forward for corporate flu shots in a workplace is the incredible effect it demonstrably has on the morale of the workforce that receives them. Having an inoculated and happy workforce has proven benefits to the efficiency of their work as well as their own feeling of wellbeing and safety for coming into work.

This also bleeds into the concept of employee loyalty, with the company willing to spend money on their health is a company that is worth working for. Corporate flu shots give employees the impression that their health is just as important as the work they achieve which will pay dividends in competitive industry’s that have a propensity for headhunting and career hopping.

2.   Efficient Method Of Reducing Sick Days

Of course, it should stand to reason that the introduction of corporate flu shots to a workplace will have a marked decrease in sick days taken during the influenza seasons. This reduction in sick days will benefit the bottom line and feed into the employee morale argument we made earlier.

It also allows for the workplace to function at peak capacity for longer periods of time without the constant shuffling of duties and work responsibilities when the influenza season hits and workloads shift and change in a dramatic fashion.

3.   Keeping Societal Health Maintained

corporate flu shots

The moral responsibility for any workplace is to keep the public safe to some degree, or at the very least, not contribute to diminishing practices. Corporate flu shots keep this concept at heart with many workers coming to and from their offices typically using public transport and in cases of city-dwelling workplaces being around a mix of the population that could potentially fall ill if exposed to an illness such as influenza.

Corporate flu shots aim to diminish this risk as an inoculated office will invariably lessen the chance of catching and subsequently spreading an illness that is covered by the inoculation. The workplace can also benefit with their branding image as a workplace that cares about their business as well as the general wellbeing of their employees and the public by administering corporate flu shots.

4.   Simple To Organise

The final nail in the coffin of arguments for corporate flu shots is in the convenience and ease of organisation for such a useful and responsible practice. Company’s that take care of corporate flu shots are able to organise a registered nurse to come in on any given day and administer the jabs without an issue or further interruption to an employers schedule. Most of the time it’s as simple as picking a date online, letting the workers know ahead of time, and then sitting back and getting back to work while it all works itself out.

With all of these arguments, it’s silly to consider anything else, have a look online today and give your workplace the treatment it deserves.