So, you’re thinking about getting a second-hand car, but you’re like most people you’re not quite sure how to tell which vehicles are working well and which ones might cause you trouble. 

If you’re in this position, don’t be worried. It’s a common boat to be in. Isn’t it true that everyone has to begin somewhere? 

The worry of buying a car, especially if you’re forking out a substantial quantity of money, is that it won’t work the way it’s supposed to. What a terrible feeling it is when you buy an expensive new car and discover that it will need thousands of dollars in maintenance the following month… 

This is where a pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne can be a lifesaver. 

Why you need a pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne

Finding a vehicle in great condition is much easier when you have the expertise of a qualified mechanic on your side. Of course, most people prefer to believe that we are capable of taking care of ourselves and that we know what we are doing so you might be asking yourself, do I really need a pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne? And the answer is yes, you really do! 

Here’s a few reasons why:

Road safety certificate

If you’re selling or buying a vehicle, you’ll need to prove that its roadworthy. A pre purchase car inspection in Melbourne can help with this. An inspection/report of the vehicle’s quality, safety, performance, and value will be completed by a qualified mobile mechanic during a pre-purchase inspection which can help to prove road worthiness. 

Your inspector is there to give you assurance that you won’t be buying a lemon with your hard-earned money. Buying a car might be risky because not everyone is honest these days. 

Find out the value of the car

An expert mechanic who can tell you exactly what a vehicle is worth so it’s possible that with a pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne, you might get the owner or salesperson down to a more reasonable estimate of the car’s true value. 

What else is included

If you own a car and want to sell it, you should be able to show prospective buyers how much it is really worth so that if they try to undercut your price, you’ll be prepared to walk away. 

One of the best aspects of pre-purchase car inspections is how thorough they are. You’ll have a better idea of what you’ll be doing with this vehicle in the future and whether or not it’s a good investment

Your pre-purchase car inspection usually covers: 

pre purchase car inspection in Melbourne

  • Wheels and Tires 
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Engine and Gears 
  • Undercarriage and Interior of a Vehicle 
  • All of the electrical parts 
  • Photos and a report 

So, at the end of the day is a pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne really worthwhile?

For most people, it’s absolutely worth the effort, especially if they don’t know very much about cars and aren’t familiar with how they work. Having a qualified mechanic inspect can help to prevent a lot of problems for your down the road! 

Like your house, your car is a significant asset. It’s not worth the risk to acquire anything that may only last for a few months and cost you a lot of money in the long run. 

For all parties involved, it’s well worth it to spend time on a pre-purchase car inspection in Melbourne. Owners will be able to find out if there are any issues with their vehicle and find out its real value and buyers will be able to avoid lemons!