HR Internships involve interns working under the supervision of experienced HR personnel to provide administrative support in the HR department. Some of the jobs they can be given to do include scheduling interviews with candidates, gathering and sorting payroll data, and posting and removing job advertisements.

The Human Resource department is a key department in every company. It is vital that only those with the right experience and technical know-how take up those positions. The best way to get the next set of HR managers is to give them the opportunity to learn from the current ones. Let’s see how these HR internships work 

Duties of interns in HR Internships

Below are some of the duties and responsibilities that HR interns are tasked with in a company. 

  • Making sure that the company database is up to date. They do so by inputting necessary employee information and details into the company database. 
  • During HR Internships, interns take part in screening potential employees, their application letters as well as resumes. They take part in the whole on-boarding process.
  • They take part in the organization of interviews and screening exams for shortlisted candidates.
  • They also put out job advertisements on different media platforms. Billboards, newspaper pages, as well as social media pages.
  • When the job role advertised has been filled, it is the duty of the HR department to remove the advertisements from where they were posted.
  • The major aim of HR Internships is to make the interns learn from the HR manager, and they do so easily by assisting. They assist in gathering salary information and also assist in planning the company.
  • During HR Internships, interns are tasked with sending offer letters and emails and also sending rejection letters and emails to candidates.
  • When new employees are hired, it is also part of their duty to take part in the orientation of new intakes. They are part of the planning and coordination.
  • It is also part of their duty to respond to staff inquiries. Inquiries regarding policies in HR as well as employee benefits and other relevant information, are attended to by them.

Basic Requirements for HR Internships

The requirements for HR Internships are very basic and can easily be met by anybody. They include the following:

  • A degree in Human Resource Management or a related discipline. Or undertaking a degree in human resource management or a related discipline.
  • Familiarity with various Human Resource Management systems.
  • Ability to work in and as part of a team.
  • Possession of excellent organisational and administrative skills.
  • Detail-oriented with good communication skills.

HR Internships are a very important plan and program for the HR department. With it, they aim to build the future of the company. They ensure that the next set of HR managers are well-grounded in the requirements for the role. HR Internships might be the next step for you to advance your career. Simply check if you meet the requirements and take the bold step to become the next big human resources manager.