If you want to be a trademark lawyer who helps businesses or other lawyers by conducting professional intellectual property investigations, then you need to know it won’t be an easy path ahead of you. This kind of work requires a special kind of someone who goes above and beyond the duties of a regular corporate lawyer, and who can also demonstrate key traits that enable them to succeed where others can’t.

After all, you will be performing intellectual property investigations on behalf of those who don’t think they can do all the necessary work themselves. Therefore, you need to make others confident that you have the necessary skill set to get the job done in a proficient manner that makes you worth hiring.

The following will examine the key traits you need to succeed as a trademark lawyer for intellectual property investigations.


Excellent organisational and research skills

If you want to provide intellectual property investigations for others and have them pay you for it, you need to demonstrate that you have the ability to perform the difficult work that is required of you. IP law is notoriously complex, and you need to be a very intelligent person to be able to study and become proficient in performing probes that leverage this knowledge.

Since intellectual property investigations are a form of research into potential IP breaches, you need to have excellent research skills. This means being able to correctly gather and list evidence that proves the case you are making. Making a mistake with your research can make both you and your client look incredibly foolish, and some mistakes could mean nobody ever trusts you to do the work again, killing your career there and then.

You also need to have great organisational skills in order to manage an immense load of information you will be evaluating and drawing conclusions from. If you misplace important notes or lose important contact details, it will derail your work and cause you to delay delivery of a result to your paying clients.


Business management skills

Of course, when you are managing your own business as a provider of intellectual property investigations, you need to have the skills to draw in and manage clients. Even if you hire admin staff to help you manage your clients and inquiries, you need to have some level of skill in recruiting and managing them effectively.

You need to have a good sense of your own abilities in prosecuting intellectual property investigations so that you can find the ideal number of clients to take on at any given time. If you take on too much work, then you will be overwhelmed and do a poor job, if you take on too little work you simply won’t be making enough money on a consistent basis to run your business and pay any staff you have hired.

It takes time to find the right equilibrium with any new consultancy firm, and you need to do your best to shorten that time any way you can. Even if you have great skills in conducting intellectual property investigations, you won’t be able to retain clients if you fail at managing the admin side of things.


Talent and passion for investigation

Lastly, in order to succeed with intellectual property investigations, you need to actually care about the process. If you don’t see any appeal in the work of uncovering the truth behind things and presenting your findings in a compelling way, then you won’t enjoy what you do and won’t be able to do a good job on behalf of your clients.