If you have a wasp nest situation anywhere on your property, then you don’t need convincing as to why you should get rid of it. These pests are irritating at best and a health hazard at worst, especially if they attack small children or pets.

To try and save a few bucks, a lot of people think they can tackle a nest on their own (and are in for a rude awakening when they do). Instead of going through a painful lesson after trying something stupid like a homemade flamethrower, why not just contact a professional wasp exterminator?

Here are some reasons why you don’t want to mess around with a nest and contact a professional instead.


They are quick to anger

While a lot of people grow up with a fear of bee stings, bees are much friendlier in comparison to things like hornets. The critters you are dealing with don’t make a cute buzzing sound and will swarm and attack anything they construe as a threat to their nest, which is pretty much everything in sight.

Not only are the stings painful, but they can also trigger allergies that could prove fatal. Instead of taking this risk, call a professional wasp exterminator and take care of the problem quickly and safely.


A professional knows what to do

When you try to get rid of a nest yourself, you will probably get stung and damage the exterior of your property. For example, trying to use a homemade flamethrower (something, unfortunately, made popular by online viral videos) is more likely to set your home on fire at risk the lives of your family and neighbours rather than give you a successful result.

On the other hand, a professional wasp exterminator will be experienced with nest removal and have the tools to do it safely and cleanly. There are a variety of ways that a professional can get rid of the next and leave no trace of damage to the property (most involve using chemicals to kill the pests and then physically remove/destroy the next when there is no danger).


Nests can be quite expansive

Another reason you need to call and hire a professional wasp exterminator is that they know how to deal with extensive nests that go into crevices and are hard to get out. Trying a DIY job and using improper methods can cause havoc and result in a nightmare experience.

Instead of risking this, hire a professional to remove the pests and their home in one go. Not only that, but they will also know how to prevent new nests from being formed on your property so that you never need to worry about them again.


Save yourself the effort and risk


While there’s an upfront cost to hiring a professional wasp exterminator, is it really worth spending your free time doing a risky DIY job that will almost certainly backfire. At best you will do a shoddy job, and the pests will return to build a new nest. The cost of doing successive improper jobs can easily be more expensive than simply hiring an expert in the first place, especially if you, a family member, or a pet ends up hospitalized due to multiple stings.

It would be horrible if a child or pet was injured because you wanted to save money and do an unprofessional job. Don’t take the risk – always hire a professional wasp exterminator when you need to remove a nest from your property.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to swallow your pride and hire a wasp exterminator rather than try to do it yourself.