When you need to ship something, or have something shipped from across the globe, you are likely going to have to go through a freight forwarding company. There are many different freight forwarding companies in the world, and each of them have good connections to ships, planes, and trains that can move your goods from one place to another. Freight forwarders don’t always use the same route every time and will go with the cheapest route possible in order to make the shipment successful. There are many advantages to working with trusted freight forwarding companies, many of them will add value to your business, as well as give you peace of mind when you are transporting goods across the globe.


Having your goods insured when you are sending them across long distances is the most important reason why you need to go with a freight forwarding company. Many things can happen when you are shipping items, from cargo falling into the ocean, to delicate goods breaking when a plane hits turbulence, or some other mishap that can happen at any time. Stuff breaks in transportation all the time, and it is more common than you think. Having your goods insured means that neither you, nor your customer, is going to have to pay in case something goes wrong with shipping.

Advice on transportation costs

Freight forwarding companies want you to get the best possible prices on transportation and shipping. When you are shipping to a different country, then you are going to have to have your package go through customs, file paperwork to enter the country, and sometimes even have your packages searched and potentially seized if they don’t pass inspection. A freight forwarding company will guide you on how to best document your goods and tell you how to best get your items through customs clearance.

Optimised routes

Sometimes, when you have to ship your product across more than one country, it is better to take your goods through a route that isn’t so obvious, to avoid taxes in a specific area, or customs will hold onto your items for too long. Going with the right freight forwarding company will help to ensure that your goods make it to where they need to go in the fastest possible manner, while being as cheap as possible. Not everything that is fast is cheap, and sometimes you are going to have to pay extra for a little bit of speed, but overall, it will be worth it, and your customers will be happy that you got the items to them quickly.

Freight forwarding companies are incredibly complex and they have to deal with multiple customers, usually across many different countries at the same time, to ensure that products get moved in the most efficient manner as possible. Freight forwarders handle large volumes of shipments, and will have to transport all those goods at once, so most freight forwarding companies are Authorized Economic Operators. This title allows them to have simplified customs clearances and cheaper or deferred payments for when your products can be released from customs.

Overall, if you are needing to ship your goods across the world, then going with a freight forwarding company is your best bet, especially if you have large orders. Dealing with customs and ensuring that your products get to their destination is hard, especially if you have to ship a lot of goods, or some really large items. Keep an eye out for better deals on freight forwarding companies and make sure that you don’t miss out on having your goods delivered at the best price.