With the coronavirus pandemic shattering domestic industries and precipitating economic chaos across the globe, most sectors of the economy have endured massive structural change and hardship. For professional tradies and other labourers, the cost of performing their services has been somewhat chaotic. Throughout these uncertain times, many local electrical supply stores have been able to provide continued support and supply to thousands of tradies across New South Wales and the rest of Australia.

In some spaces, costs have fallen, while some critical components have increased a lot because of limited international supply, due to massive structural shocks of global supply chains. If you’re looking for ways as to how you could save costs on a per-project basis, then here’s all the information and support you could need about electrical supply stores!


What do they sell?

Electrical supply stores provide the backbone of products and essential items for sparkies, tradies and other hardware retailers. Whether it be power switches, cables and wiring, light bulbs, power-point frames, specialty equipment and a plethora of other critical items, your local provider is the place to go for the best and most comprehensive range available in the market.


Why are they preferred over hardware retailers?

electrical supplies

There are many reasons why wholesale distributors are preferable to more conventional retailers. Firstly, a critical facet of their duties is that they often work directly with local tradies and labourers, who rely significantly on their products. In fact, they are tasked with providing critical advice and support to large-scale companies that provide labour-hire services to construction jobs.

Secondly, electrical supply stores are more likely to have what you need when you need it. While retailers are prone to supply gluts and shortfalls, your local distributor is more likely to have adequate warehouse supply and the exact product you need. Indeed, it’s certainly worth purchasing in bulk if you want to save more in the long-term.

Thirdly, wholesale distributors tend to offer more lucrative promotions and discounts, which are critical right now, given the ongoing economic squeeze. Being loyal to your local electrical supply stores will increase the chance of you getting a better deal for larger orders while ensuring you are continually well-equipped for upcoming jobs.

Fourthly, if you’re having issues finding a specific product or item, then you’re more likely to receive the help or support you need if you opt to go with your local wholesaler. Their technical expertise is generally greater than retail employees since they operate a more specialised, niche field of the industry.

Finally, it’s relatively easy to get non-contact delivery services from electrical supply stores. Because they don’t quite have the same geographic coverage and visibility of hardware retailers (like Bunnings), they have historically had reliable and sophisticated delivery processes in place. As a result, even though COVID-19 has forced a decentralisation of conventional workplace practices, and encouraged more distanced working/learning, industries with reliable delivery schemes have tended to flourish. By proxy, electrical supply stores have been no exception. So, if you need critical inputs to fulfill services for your clients and you need them punctually, your local wholesaler should be at the top of your list.


Where to find them?

So, now that you know why electrical supply stores are generally preferable to hardware retailers, the next question is how and where to find them? If you’re a tradie, then chances are you already know the big competitors in the industry and how to order from them. However, if you’re new to the industry or doing some DIY-related stuff around your home, then you’re not necessarily privy to this information. As a result, start with a quick Google search, before moving on to advice from any friends you might have in the industry.