Engaging in official talks with family lawyers in Sydney is an important first step. As confronting and agonising as it is to deal with a separation, the spouse needs to look after their interests for the here and now, and well beyond. With an appointment booked, this is an opportunity to see what discussion topics can be covered, giving the client more information and understanding about their options. 

1) Privacy & Security 

One of the key domains that any citizen will think about when engaging with family lawyers in Sydney will be their personal privacy and the security of their information. The last issue that they want to deal with is seeing outside interests and other people attempting to provide their input or interfere in the process. Can they offer a secure environment to talk and will their information be safeguarded during proceedings? 

2) Living Arrangements & Current Circumstances 

A key discussion point that should be covered with family lawyers in Sydney will be the current living arrangements of the client. If they are in a very awkward or uncomfortable situation, that can impact how they approach a settlement negotiation, not to mention their mental health and quality of life. Is this a situation that is impacting on their work and their wellbeing? How can this be resolved and are there short-term measures that can assist? 

3) Legal Objectives 

When local community members in Sydney are sitting down with divorce representatives, they have a chance to outline what they want out of the case. While there can be zero guarantees afforded in this space, issues around child custody, visitation rights, alimony, property ownership, financial accounts, business interests and other assets come into play. What do they want to walk away with and how can the lawyer best represent their interests? 

4) Contested vs. Uncontested Issues 

With the involvement of family lawyers in Sydney, they will recognise that there are two key elements that dictate what occurs next. One will be with issues that are contested and then there are others that are uncontested. The more topics that are uncontested, the higher the likelihood of bypassing court and working through a mediation or dispute resolution process. During official talks with the solicitor, it is imperative that these subjects are discussed in detail. 

5) Communication & Process Timelines 

How do family lawyers in Sydney like to communicate with their clientele? How often does this occur and will it take place in-person or remotely? Communication is a bedrock for any representative, particularly when case updates and negotiations hold so much weight moving forward. The same principle applies with process timelines as participants need to know how long they might be dealing with a procedure and what key dates are locked in for them to appear in certain settings. 

6) Billing Policy 

It is impossible to venture forward with family lawyers in Sydney oblivious to the financial responsibilities involved. Among the many talking points that have to be covered during official consultations with these specialists, their billing policy has to be high on the agenda. How much do they bill their members and under what kind of arrangement? The best firms will have flexibility on this front, offering up front options as well as specialised schemes that lowers the requirement in the short-term. 

There will be a number of other details that have to be covered when sitting down with family lawyers in Sydney. However, it is beneficial from the outset to cover this territory and gauge how proficient they are at their work and what kind of rapport is developed along the way. The good news is that the city of Sydney provides a wide array of specialists in this field, so all options should remain on the table.